The Information Systems Doctoral Proposal Seminar Examination at the Postgraduate School of Diponegoro University has been held for the following students:
Name: Lilik Triyono
NIM: 30000322520039
dissertation title: Independent Navigation System for people with visual impairments Using Deep Learning
Tuesday, March 7, 2024
10.00 – 12.00 WIB
Information Systems Doctoral Conference Room
TTB B Building, 5th Floor Diponegoro University Postgraduate School
Jl. Imam Bardjo, SH. No. 5 Semarang
1. Prof. Dr. Rahmat Gemowo, M.Si (Promoter Chair of the Session / Head of Information Systems Doctoral Study Program)
2. Prayitno, S.ST., M.T., Ph.D. (Co promoter / Semarang State Polytechnic)
3. Prof. Dr. Kusworo Adi, S.Si., M.T. (Examiner 1 / Undip Faculty of Science and Mathematics)
4.Dr. Darjat, ST., MT.g. (Examiner 2 / Undip Faculty of Engineering)