Information System Doctoral Study Program of Diponegoro University is a study program from the informatics and computer science family that studies the integration of information technology for organizational management. Information Systems Study Program emphasizes the ability of individuals to design, develop, and implement organizational information systems as the main assets of the organization. This Study Program focuses on matters related to information that can be provided by computer systems to companies, non-profit organizations and government organizations to support the formulation and achievement of the organization’s goals, while also studying the application and use of information technology in organizational processes. So professionals in the field of Information Systems must understand the technical and managerial factors of an organization, and must be able to help that organization to determine how information and business processes supported by technology can be the foundation for better performance. This information systems study program is not needed to support progress in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 where the development direction is focused on the following problems: digital economy, business intelligence, supply chain information systems, industrial information systems, health, safety and environment information systems.