Gethering and Outbound Doctor of Information Systems Undip

Improving the Academic Atmosphere Towards a Superior Information Systems Doctoral Study Program
Undip DSI Lecturers, Tendik, and Students
Green Velley Resort Bandungan Saturday 11 March 2023
The Information Systems Doctoral Study Program held a Gathering and Outbound on Saturday, March 11 2023 at the Green Valley Resort Bandungan which was attended by Lecturers, Tendik and Students especially those whose aim was to build intimacy and togetherness between individuals.
The benefits of Gathering & Outbound are also a means of refreshing, strengthening relationships between lecturers, students & students, forming a solid team work and repairing conflicts & frictions.
With activities like this, it becomes an unforgettable impression that when students have graduated they will still be familiar with other students and will be remembered for the Information Systems Doctoral Study Program as a place to gain knowledge to earn a doctorate.